How to reach GLITTER CLUB

A taxi from the nearest bus terminal of Venice (Piazzale Roma) takes you to the GLITTER CLUB in less then 10 minutes. You just have to tell to the taxi-driver the address VIA DELLE MACCHINE 41 - MARGHERA.
If you want to use the public services, just catch any bus directed to Mestre (lines #2, #4, #7, #"mirano", #"spinea" - they leave about every 10 minutes till midnight, after midnight catch line #"N") and get-off at the 4th stop after the long bridge (Ponte della LibertÓ) which connects Venice to the mainland. Before the 4th stop you will see a ramp going up (before crossing the train tracks) and then you have to ring the request-bell for stopping. Get off there and then you have 2 options: walking through an underground passage to the other side of the street, or crossing the street "at your own risk! ;-)
From there, walk to another street (via del Commercio) then down for 200m till a stop. Cross the rail tracks making a right and walk 100m more till you find GLITTER at the right side of the sidewalk.
To go back to Venice, if you want to catch a taxi, we can call it any time from the desk of the bar.
If you want to take a bus back to Venice, they run all night long and stop at the same stop you got off but of course at the other side of the street. They leaves at minutes 35 and 55 each hour, till 4am (after 4am  the regular timetable starts and they run more often)
We know it is a long description.. but believe me, it is really very easy! :-)

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